Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs

Our services offer great solutions for those with flat roofs in and around Wellington. Flat roofing refers to any roof structure that is 10 degrees or lower in pitch. These are most commonly located in sections on properties that have been extended, above window bays, or on garages. We can help you maintain your current roof with a repair, or completely re-new it, using traditional felt or modern compositions that boast many benefits. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Traditional Felt

Traditional felt is most commonly found in flat roof sections on properties. The main pros associated with a felt composition include its lightweight structure, affordability, and ease when repairing. If you would like us to perform a repair to your existing structure, or replace the whole thing, we are happy to help.


EDPM rubber roofing is the modern version of flat roofing that offers many benefits to the property owner. This form of roofing has enormous resilience to the elements, including UV, chemical, and general wear and tear. The finish that these roofs offer is also much more aesthetically appealing. They provide a modern, sleek finish that is most often grey in colour.


GRP, or glass reinforced polyester, is a popular roofing choice, and for good reason. This form of roofing is more durable than traditional felt, while also offering a lightweight structure. Further to this, the colour can be matched to help you tie into your existing property, or pick a colour of choice.

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