Exterior Painting & Decorating

Our exterior painting and decorating service offers great solutions for those in and around Wellington. This service will help you maintain the visual aesthetic of your personal home or place of business. Performing painting and decorating to the exterior of your house will also help you promote the health of your property. Having the final layer of paint facing the external elements will serve as a front line defence against the effects of acid rain and other weathering that can pose damage to the underlying structure over time. If you would like to book our exterior painting and decorating service, then please get in touch with us today.

Exterior Walls

We can help you with any exterior walls you may have. Whether they are in your property itself, within your garden area, or compose the grounds of your commercial property. We can use neutral tones to create calm and beautiful finishes at domestic properties, or provide you with specific colours if you require branded colours to be present at your commercial property.

Windows & Doors

We can also apply paint to any window and doors and their surrounding recesses at your property. This enhances the level of protection these areas receive. We can use a colour that ties into the rest of the property or use a colour to highlight these features.

Contact JB Homecare & Roofing Services

Contact us by phone or email to request more information on all our services. We can provide free, no obligation-quotations.

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