As a chimney ages over the years, it can be damaged and lose its effectiveness therefore requiring regular repairs and maintenance to keep them performing at its best. Our professionals have a rich knowledge of all chimney systems and guarantee to bring your chimney back to full working order, providing you with repairs that will last for years to come. When it comes to chimney work in Taunton, we are the specialists.

Because your chimney is often the most exposed part of a property, over time extreme weather conditions and natural wearing can cause your chimney to start cracking and be in need of repairs. Here at JB Homecare, we have over 20 years' experience and can offer a wide range of chimney repair and maintenance services at highly competitive prices.

Professional Chimney Work in Somerset

Our expert engineers will assess the extent of damage to your chimney system and run through the options with you. No-one understands better than us the importance of a fully functional, efficient and safe chimney.  Whether you need your chimney replaced or repaired, we can help. From minor chimney repairs to a complete reconstruction, we can do it all with ease.  When it comes to your chimney, issues cannot be neglected. Without proper maintenance, chimneys can become unsafe and dangerous – don’t wait, get in touch and ensure your chimney is safe!

Chimney Work Taunton


Whether its roofing or chimney work in Taunton, get in touch with our team either by calling us directly on the phone numbers below or by using the contact form to request a call at a time that suits you!

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