Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair

Our chimney repair service helps those with properties in and around Wellington maintain and install chimney structures. You may have noticed that your chimney is slightly leaning, looks a little worn, or has distinct damage. While we do not necessarily depend on the function of chimneys in the same way we used to, they are still present on many properties, and provide a traditional visual appeal. Maintaining the structure is also a more affordable option than removing this element. If you would like to book our services, please get in touch with us today.

Leaning Chimney Stacks

Leaning chimney stacks should be identified and dealt with swiftly. If there is damage present that undermines the integrity of the structure, then this can result in structural failure, and in the worst case, a collapse with fallen debris. This is usually a result of weathering causing deterioration to the mortar, or perhaps the long-term effects of settlement and other forms of stress. In any case, we advise a swift repair. Sometimes, this may be as simple as re-pointing. Prevention is better than cure, and much more cost-effective. Give us a call to arrange a chimney inspection today.


We can partially, or fully rebuild your chimney structure. When we perform this service, we will find materials that offer a close match to the existing structure, this will help maintain the original aesthetic of your roofline. We will firstly come and asses the structure, before allocating what work and potential materials will be required. Call us today to arrange an inspection.

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